Friday, April 17, 2009

Halla Bol - Rajasthan Royals

The promotional videos of the IPL teams this year haven't impressed much. SPecially the one of Chennai Super Kings seems to have been made by school goers. Its truly unprofessional. Moreover the Mumbai Indians' video also lacks the charisma this year as compared to last years video. No wonder the first match of the tournament is between MI and CSK the teams with worst videos this year.

Have you seen Hall Bol?? I mean not the Movie , the RR's promotional video. Shilpa sizzles the video and makes the people go Ga Ga over it, a good competition for SRK's KKR. Lets have a look at it...

IPL - Gala Parade

Its IPL fever in South Africa, the Indians are very much missing it, They have kick started the grand festival of cricket, and that too with a bang. Just look at the grand Gala Parade organized two days before the IPL. Well I know it would have been really difficult to organize such a parade in India because of the security and traffic problems. Nevertheless India will organize it next year and that too in a grand manner. Till then lets enjoy the South African version of IPL.

Monday, April 6, 2009

IPL IPL IPL ....... Its in the air...

Folks the IPL is in the air now. And as expected the most hyped team this year again seems to be KKR, with John Buchanan coming up with innovative idea of multiple captains and Sourav Ganguly's fans in India not appreciating it much. Moreover a column on an Indian Daily by Mr. Sunil Gavaskar on the strategy of KKR, made the proud of owner of KKR, Mr. Shahrukh Khan to say in front of the Media that "If somebody has problem than buy your own team and do whatever you want with them. Please give us some space to do experiments". Dada seems to be convinced with the idea of multiple captains. Don't know how is this going to work in T20 mode, but it will certainly be very interesting to watch.

The other teams seem to be very quiet with their preparations and not making much waves. Although the anthem of Mumbai Indians is out and has not impressed me much. Still wondering which team to support this time.

Is any one planning to go South Africa to watch IPL??? The IPL packages by Thomas Cook and kingfisher holidays start from, an attractive price of Rs 43000 for 3 nights and 4 days including air fare, transfers, accomodation, travel insurance and match tickets. And here is the schedule of IPL for you to download.

Cheers :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shoaib's dangerous ball

See the fury of Shoaib's delivery in this video, I think Kirsten still regrets the shot played.Well the ball actually hit him so hard that he had to get 10 stitches and broken nose too. Look at the face of the coach of Indian Team. He looks totally punished.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bradman's dream XI

We all have heard of it. Wonder if this will still be his dream team if he was alive.
Barry Richards - South Africa
Arthur Morris - Australia
Don Bradman - Australia
Sachin Tendulkar - India
Gary Sobers - West Indies
Don Tallon - Australia
Ray Lindwall - Australia
Dennis Lillee - Australia
Alec Bedser - England
Bill O'Reilly - Australia
Clarrie Grimmett - Australia
12th man:
Wally Hammond - England

Let us see if Sachin comes with his dream team. Wish to see more Indians in it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Harsha's new hair style

It was great pleasure to listen to Mr. Harsha Bhogle at the SPJIMR during the festival of their college OJAS 09, it was an enlightening talk. But the most surprising part to me was the Hair style of Harsha, which was just making him look more impressive, he was although flawless with his words and the style with which he moved the junta there. He took us through most of the experiences of his life and how he finally landed into the commentary box. All in all it was a great expereience and his witty sayings, which he kept in the same style as that of his commentary were simply unforgertable.

Cricket Chacha

Well, all cricket lovers would have definitely seen this guy in stands whenever there is a Pakistan Match going on. I have seen him hell lot of time, and I used to wonder who he actually is, before Harsha Bhogle actually anounced in one of the matches that who this guy actually was. He is Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, he is one of the greatest cricket lovers in the world. He frequently travels with Pakistan Team to view the matches, initially used to do on his own and then when later on PCB recognised him and now sponsors all his travels. You can read more about him here Cricket Chacha.